Thursday, July 17, 2014

Run or Walk Challenge Cancer 5k @ Como Lake, St Paul, Saturday, July 26

You're invited to run, walk or volunteer at Charities Challenge’s very special 10th Annual Challenge Cancer 5k event at Como Lake, St Paul, Saturday, July 26, starting at 8 AM. For more information including online registration option go to Register today!

The timed 5k on a lakeside USATF certified course and the simultaneous 1.5 Mile Family & Friends Fun Walk will start at 8 AM. The Kids Challenge 1/2 & 1/4 Mile Fun Run will start about 9:15 AM.

The events will start/finish near the lovely lakeside pavilion. Pre-registration is $29 'til Sunday, July 20; $33 July 21-23; race-day registration is $40. Online pre-registration closes at Midnight, Wednesday, July 23.

We'll party lakeside next Saturday morning, celebrating the Power of RxExercise to improve the lives of family & friends living well beyond a variety of challenging cancers. Registration includes:

A) “Celebrating Active Cancer Survivors” energized atmosphere
B) Commemorative Celebrating Active Cancer Survivors” shirt
C) 5k race results according to complete USATF divisions
D) Motivational Challenge Cancer theme music & announcer
E) Enthusiastic CC Race Event Workers (CCREW) volunteers. NOTE: Whenever you may not be racing, please join our Rewarding CCREW volunteers. RSVP with me by e-mail or phone to join our happy CCREW.
F) Photography and unique post-race online “Miles of Smiles” slideshow + pro-videography
G) Healthful, tasty refreshments
H) Convenient, free parking & indoor restrooms
I) Stay after races at Como Lake to continue your own family/friends lakeside picnic, or dine in at lakeside Black Bear Crossings CafĂ©.

Because of their commitment to their RxExercise, before and after their cancer challenges, many have better survived and are continuing to make happier, stronger comebacks to a better quality of life. These Challenged Honored Athletes will inspire each of us to maintain our own RxExercise. We’ll especially be celebrating, and learning from, the improved quality of life of several “Cancer-Challenged Honored Athletes” who are living well beyond cancer challenges because of their RxExercise.

Please refer to CC and the Challenge Cancer Event anyone you know whom we may celebrate as they continue their comeback from cancer challenges.

Learn more about the Power of RxExercise relative to cancer challenges from the “Cancer News &  RxExercise” article at the CC web site

Only about 20% of cancer patients are enjoying the special benefits of exercise. Most non-exercisers report a lack of exercise leadership programs and opportunities designed for cancer patients/survivors. So, you’re helping cancer patients and survivors today and every day by supporting Charities Challenge ongoing RxExercise Programs and Events like Saturday’s Challenge Cancer 5k where we celebrate active cancer survivors who are “More Than Survivors”.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Kids & Outdoor Play and Exercise

What were your and your childhood friends’ experiences with outdoor exercise and playful exploration?

Would I have had the daily happy, healthful outdoor adventures and exercise if my parents had been arrested for allowing me to play at the local NE Minneapolis Windom Park without adult supervision? Nope.

And, then I would not have enjoyed the lifetime health benefits, benefits physical, psychological, social, that came with being so physically active with all those other kids.

(Here’s a story today about being arrested for allowing one’s age nine child to play in the park without adult supervision )

My memories are filled with walking, hiking and running, both alone and with many other children, far and wide throughout my neighborhood. Even when visiting various rural settings with my folks, I'd find new environs to explore.

I remember sandlot pick-up baseball, hiking through undeveloped urban forests’ trails to collect rocks and insects, running through fields after butterflies with my home-made net, even after sunset flashlight tag games during moonless nights.

From the time I was age five and walking to and from my neighborhood school with or without classmates, I was quite safe.  I recall a general awareness of rarely being altogether unattended either by other kids or adults who were walking, working or even driving nearby. I was quite safe, as were all those hundreds of kids with whom I played through my early years.

Sadly, something has changed in America since the 1950s that has resulted in so many kids not being nearly as naturally, happily and healthfully active out-of-doors as they once were.

What are we to think of the simultaneous message that kids ought to be more physically active, safe as ever in the out-of-doors while playing in their neighborhoods and parks, but they must always be attended by their parents or a guardian?
Wouldn’t it be a grand world where every child has healthy-fit, able-bodied, an always-ready-to-go outside-to-play parents?
 But that world will never be. I didn’t have that ready-to-go-play-outside partner in either of my parents while growing up. Did you?
Today I actively support the YMCA and love seeing all the well-supervised kids.
But, there will never be enough YMCAs and other similarly well placed and organized kids’ play programs with adult supervision.

Meantime…Best wishes, especially to all the kids.