Thursday, February 9, 2012

Run or Walk 4th Annual Valentines Hearts 'r' Running 5k @ Como Lake, St Paul, MN

You’re invited to the 4th Annual Valentines - Hearts ‘r’ Running 5k experience at Como Lake in St Paul, MN. This is the 2nd of 12 Holiday Run Events produced by Charities Challenge promoting RxExercise (exercise as medicine) to improve health/fitness and active-loving relationships, especially so on the Holidays.

Pre-register by Midnight CST tonight, Thursday, February 9. You and your loving family & friends may pre-register online via

Colorful commemorative Valentines 5k long-sleeve shirt for all participants, happy holiday music, pro-announcer Gaylen Morse to give you a motivating shout-out, healthful tasty treats, and a variety of hot beverages served to all. Pre-registration is $30/race day is $40.

Imagine running or walking with a loved one who’s wearing a sign displaying a personally inspiring message, “MY HEART IS RUNNING FOR ______________________”, and your name is there for all to see.

And, imagine how someone special will be encouraged to take better care of their happiness & health with their RxExercise when they see you displaying your loving motivation that keeps you running and staying strong. Yes! Truly active love motivates…motion as well as e-motion! So “share the love” as you share your running & walking.

What more to give a loved one for Valentines Day?

You can give an Active-Loving Valentines gift to actively share with your loved ones in 11 Holiday Run Events in 2012: “Keep Giving the Active-Loving Gift” of sharing Miles of Smiles with those you actively love all year long in 2012 by registering for CC’s Special “Holiday Run” Series of 11 Holiday Run Experiences at one reduced price of $175

Register by Midnight CST tonight, Thursday, February 9, for the remaining 2012 Holiday Run Series of 11 Events for less than $16 per Holiday Run Event!

More CC Race Event Workers (CCREW) volunteers are always welcome to join us in delivering another Holiday Run Event. RSVP if you want to join our Rewarding CCREW. What a lovely, active gift you’ll be giving to so many others when volunteering as CCREW!

Happy Valentines and Active Love to all!