Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day 5k - Celebration of Active Generations

Charities Challenge's 3rd Annual Mothers Day 5k – Celebration of Active Generations served over 200 participants to a families’ & friends’ Holiday Run Series RxExercise experience of a timed 5k and fun 1.5 mile fitness walk, increased participationg representing about a 50% growth over 2008!

What a special joy it was to see as many as three generations of moms and kids walking and running together, most with other family members and some with supportive husbands, and even a mom soon expecting to deliver new life.

Once again at another CC Holiday Run Event I saw "Miles of Smiles" which I camera-captured and may now be reviewed at Charities Challenge's Photos Slideshows record at the CC web site http://charitieschallenge.org/html/cc_event_photos.html via the 2009 Holiday Event Photo Gallery

At the above linked slideshow, be sure to turn up your sound and set the duration of slides to 1 second, then ENJOY the "Miles of Smiles" from the Mothers Day 5k at Como Lake!
Official 5k race results and records by CC Race Team Member and founder/owner of Wayzata Results, Josh Gerber, can be found at http://wayzataresults.com/roadraces/2009/MothersDay/
Because of the help of CC Race Event Workers (CCREW) Volunteers (see below), even Josh the timer/scorekeeper got to "Share the RxExercise Challenge" with his mom, Susan, on Mothers Day.

Well done to Josh and his mom Susan Gerber in all regards as RxExercise leaders, and for demonstrating the special shared joys of a "Celebration Active Generations", of another actively supportive mom/son team.

CC recognizes all the moms at each Mothers Day 5k as "the most important influence for physical activity in kids lives", by encouraging them with a rewarding Mothers Day 5k celebration for the years of moms' leadership to their families' health an RxExercise.
And, at each Mothers Day 5k CC also presents two moms as "Honored Active Moms" who receive special recognition to remarkable moms who inspire us all with their active love for their families, their kids, sometimes grandkids too, and their various communities they serve with their RxExercise leadership.
Above Photo: Jeanne DeMartino, Corey Johnson, Amy Kohout, Patty Gaffney, Judy Meyer, Joan Wilson, Honored Active Moms ("HAMs")of the Mothers Day 5k 2007-2009.
All four Mothers Day 5k "Honored Active Moms" of 2007 and 2008, pictured above, were participating at the 2009 Event as CCREW Volunteers and/or racers and delighted in presenting hanging baskets of flowers to the 2009 "HAMs", Amy Kohout & Patty Gaffney, who each wore bib number 1.Active moms are greatly encouraged by the growing numbers of supportive walking & running companions at CC Events and especially of other active moms on Mothers Day.
New course records were set by various USATF divisions, but none more impressive than Amy Lyons's 17:36 (Amy finishing photo above) which brought her to the finish line first overall. And IMAGINE! Amy was the first athlete to see her own mom, Lynn Lyons, who was serving as finish line CCREW volunteer collecting bib tags.HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, MomLynn!
Happily review in all the images in the "Miles of Smiles" Mothers Day 5k slideshow linked above how very many were images of lovely daughters and handsome sons of all ages who walked or ran with moms, cheered moms, hugged moms, and/or cheered by moms.
Also note memorable images, like the one above of Patty & Terry Gaffney, of those actively supportive dads/husbands who helped free moms to walk and run, too. Join Charities Challenge in continuing throughout the year, day by day, to honor moms with our active support of their health and strength by encouraging their daily RxExercise. Moms' health and happiness will be improved with RxExercise, so that in turn they may also continue to do ALL that moms do to bring us life and happy lives of their children, including inspiring kids' health/fitness. GO MOMS!
Special "THANKS!" to CC Race Event Workers (CCREW) Volunteers who delivered a brilliant 3rd Annual Mothers Day 5k - Celebration of Active Generations:
CC Coach Jeanne DeMartino (CC Event Co-director & Announcer)
Kent Spellman
Rick Recker
Lynn Lyons
Jason Denen
Don Soule
Mary Riches
Jerry Hammer
Danielle Gordanier
Amy Kohout
Katie Jones
Roxann Schmitz
Linda & Nicholas Abbott
Beth Buck

And thanks to 2009 Holiday Run Series KIND Sponsors, David & Pam Glass of Black Bear Crossings Cafe.
And, thank you, Jerry Hammer, in addition to being lead biker for the 5k race, thank you for greeting about 100 moms and grandmoms at the finish line with both a lovely colorful carnation and your congratulatory handsome smile.

What a great way to finish the 5k with flowers and smiles, but only because...
What a great way to start Mothers Day with a 5k shared with family & friends at the Charities Challenge Celebration of Active Generations! Go MOMS!
Continue to "Share the RxExercise Challenge" with family & friends by returning to Como Lake on Sunday, June 21, for the 3rd Annual Fathers Day 5k – Celebration of Active Generations http://charitieschallenge.org/html/fathers_day_5k.html
Please add your comments about how walking and running on Mothers Day 5k may have especially brightened-lightened your day and/or for someone you love. For example, enjoy reading below e-mails that have already been received about Mothers Day 5k:

“Thanks for putting on such a wonderful race today! :)” Amy Lyons

“The race was a great way to start off my first Mother's Day :) It was also the first race with my husband, Marshall, and son, Fletcher - I often run by myself. So fun!” Susie Morehead

“Sarah that I ran with today…had a disk removed from her back 9 months ago. Today was the first time since her surgery that she has gone more than 1 1/2 miles…[she] commented on how friendly everyone is and how well managed the race was.” Katie Jones

“Thanks… for all your hard work…the [day] was delightful.” Carolyn Garcia

“What a WONDERFUL way to start my mother's day. You and all your CCREW made me feel so loved and special. Not to mention that I was surrounded by my family - what else could I have asked for…I am blessed…” Patty Gaffney

“Thank you so much…for such a wonderful and meaningful Mother's Day. I was truly honored to be a ‘HAM’ and I continue to be inspired [by CC leaders toward] living a happy, healthy life through exercise!” Amy Kohout