Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Run, Walk or Volunteer - Challenge Aging 5k @ Como Lake, Sunday, Sept 21

Walk, run or actively volunteer for the 8th Annual Challenge Aging 5k Event, this Sunday, September 21, at Como Lake, St Paul, MN, 9 AM Start.

Fabulous forecast for last full day of summer at Como Lake: Sunny, 57-67 F. and “Miles of Smiles”!

For more information including online registration option go to

For the first time ever, Challenge Aging 5k will serve as the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) MN State 5k Championship! At the event page you will find details about the eight championship medals that will be earned by four different age divisions, other important event news, and articles about successful aging with exercise.

We'll Party in the Park on Sunday morning with amazing athletes of all ages leading the way into advancing ages!

We'll celebrate:
1. A unique “Celebrating Strength & Successful Aging” Theme.
2. The inspiration of running and walking with truly remarkable and inspiring “Well-Aged Athletes” demonstrating The Power of RxExercise to improve lives throughout all our years.
3. Unique Bib Numbers Assignment: Bib #s will be going in inverse order of pre-registered athletes’ ages. (So far, #1 will be worn by a man age 85!)

4. Earning a one-of-a-kind-in-America road racing “Challenge Aging 5k” commemorative t-shirt.
5. Enjoy the cheerful welcome and expert support of CC Race Event Workers (CCREW) volunteers, and healthful tasty treats.
6. Recognition by race announcer & Ageless Motivational Music.
7. Fabulous photographic record and online CC Photos slide show of your racing the event. See last year’s event photos via the CC site.
8. Free personal online photos Memory Book from LIVEALITY to share with family/friends
9.Recognition for many race division winners.
10. More memorable “Miles of Smiles”!

Why “Challenge Aging”?
The BAD NEWS: Because advancing age beyond age 35 is highly related to increasing adverse risks to health and happiness of “Usual Aging”.

“Usual Aging”, according to gerontologists, involves a variety of serious challenges to health and happiness and even good relationships.
“Usual Aging” is how most people age...badly and sadly.

The GOOD NEWS: Alternatively, we each can choose to actively pursue what gerontologists call “Successful Aging”.
There are a variety of personal habits that contribute to successful aging. But, one habit is paramount: Exercise.

Strength through exercise is the major variable in “Successful Aging”.

Note: “Real Aging” for physically fit & athletic individuals after age 40 is slowed to ¼ the rate of “Usual Aging” effects in sedentary individuals.

Active athletes are really younger than their chronological years and tend to be happier-healthier than sedentary individuals.

Exercise is a big part of why, for example, my own “Real Age” is 53, ten years younger than my chronological age of 63.
How would you like to be ten, or twenty, years younger than your advancing chronological age?

You’re welcome to visit CC’s Challenge Aging 5k page to find links to online programs that allow you to estimate your real age, and then come Saturday to celebrate your youthfulness through your RxExercise.