Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year's Day - Hopeful 5k / Happy New Year to All!

Thank to all who were a part of Charities Challenge's 3rd Annual New Years Day - Hopeful 5k last Sunday at Como Lake in St Paul.

Enjoy seeing some of the morning's special experiences as you view the online photos slideshow while hearing 2012 New Years Day 5k theme songs

(NOTE: If you've seen this show via the CC web site in the last couple days, you'll now see a much better show; this is the finally edited and greatly improved show - final editing takes many hours. Enjoy the "Miles o' Smiles"!)

When you open the brand new 2012 Holiday Run Series photos gallery, click on “1.1.12 New Years Day – Hopeful 5k (3rd Annual)” at the top right of the page, then click on “Slideshow” at the top of the page, being sure to also turn up your sound to enjoy 2012 Hopeful theme songs with the show.

The 387 edited select images will take under 7 minutes to view at 1 second per image. Once you start the slideshow, you may slow down the show by changing the “duration” of each photo from 1 second to 2 or 3 seconds per image.

You’re also welcome to freely copy from the “Index” any photos that you may want to copy and save to your computer records, then send to family/friends via e-mail, or even paste to your Facebook page. While you’re at Facebook you’re welcome to join Friends of CC, too at!/groups/41310607820/ where we can keep up with RxExercise News and CC Events and Programs.

While editing the photos I was warmly cheered again by the images I saw of families and friends sharing hopefully their athletic experiences ‘round Como Lake on a windy cold New Year’s morning, and many even boldly displaying their 2012 resolutions and resolute athletic goals. I sure enjoy seeing so many active, loving family-friends sharing happy-healthy walking/running activity on a special holiday.

Was it windy last Sunday? Notice in the photos show that the larger Charities Challenge banners were not in view on the finish line structure. The wind was so strong on Sunday that we prudently reduced the risks of our finish line structure being blown down by not displaying our larger “RxExercise Challenge” banners. The structure still nearly went down in the wind late in the 5k and was kept from injuring anyone by quick action of our ready CCREW volunteers. So, thanks again and again to all the CC Race Event Workers (CCREW) volunteers who helped deliver the New Years Day - Hopeful 5k!

You’re welcome to join our CCREW for any of our 28 Annual CC Events in 2012. CCREW earn a variety of CCREWARDS for being so actively supportive of others’ RxExercise experiences; and you can, too. Go CCREW!

Lives are saved and improved every day with RxExercise.

Next, join us on Saturday, February 11, for CC’s 2nd of 12 Holiday Run Events in 2012, the 3rd Annual Valentines Hearts ‘r’ Running 5k back at Como Lake

And, for more special motivation to stay active throughout 2012, consider adding to your 2012 resolutions joining a travel-expenses-paid CC RxExercise Ambassador Traveling Team experience to a Great Destination Event in Dublin, Ireland, Florida, Hawaii, Washington D.C. and beyond.

Contact me, Coach Gary, about any of our Great Ambassador Destinations that you may want CC to help you achieve in 2012. CC wants to send more RxExercise Ambassadors around the world!

Stay Resolved, Run & Walk Happily & Happy New Year!