Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day - Joyful 5k - Biggest Christmas Day 5k in the USA

Thank you for being a part of Charities Challenge's 6th Annual Christmas Day - Joyful 5k at Como Lake in St Paul, and making it “The Biggest Christmas Day 5k in the USA”.

You may enjoy remembering some of the morning's special experiences as you view the online edited photos slideshow while hearing again a 2011 Christmas Day 5k holiday theme songs

Click on “Slideshow” at the top of the page and be sure to also turn up your sound to enjoy joyful theme songs with the show.

As the slideshow is set for 1 second per image, you can see over 700 images in about 7 minutes. When have more time for viewing, you may slow the show by changing to from 1 second to 2 or 3 for the “duration”.

You’re also welcome to open the photos “Index” and freely copy from the photos index those images you may want save in your computer, and then send photos to family/friends via e-mail or paste to your Facebook page. While you’re at Facebook you’re welcome to join other friends of CC where we can all keep up with RxExercise News and CC Events and Programs. You’re also welcome to add me, Gary Westlund, to your Facebook friends.

Please send back to me any special e-notes stories about how walking and running on Christmas Day may have especially brightened-lightened your day and/or someone with whom you participated.

While editing the photos I was particularly cheered by the images I saw of families and friends joyfully sharing their athletic experiences ‘round Como Lake on a Christmas morning, many coming from faraway places like Arizona, California, Florida, and several foreign countries. I so enjoy seeing so many active, loving family-friends sharing happy-healthy walking/running activity on a special holiday.

So, check out the photos slideshow where you’ll see more “Miles of Smiles” evidencing the Power of RxExercise to cheer each of us even during these darkest days of the year, and even improve our relationships with loved ones who will walk and run by our sides.

Thanks to our professional announcer, Gaylen Morse of Morsound. And, thanks again and again to all the CC Race Event Workers (CCREW) volunteers who helped deliver the Christmas Day – Joyful 5k!

You’re welcome to join our CCREW for any of our 28 Annual CC Events in 2012

CCREW volunteers earn a variety of CCREWARDS for being so actively supportive of others’ RxExercise experiences. Go CCREW!

And, thanks to many of you who added a tax-deductible donation with your registration fee that will be used to continue CC’s RxExercise Training Programs, Educational & Training Services, complimentary CC Events’ entries, and new running shoes and gear for those in need. Lives are saved and improved every day with RxExercise.

If you choose to make a year end tax-deductible contribution to CC go to

Donations will be helping others to keep going, many of us to “keep going well beyond…” arthritis, cancer, diabetes, depression, heart disease, brain injuries and more, with the irreplaceable benefits of exercise, RxExercise.

Once again, thank you for actively supporting CC’s RxExercise Mission/Programs/Events, and for running or walking even on Christmas Day.

Next, please join us this Sunday on New Year’s Day for the 3rd Annual New Year’s Day - Hopeful 5k back at Como Lake

And, by registering this week, through the deadline of this Friday, Dec 30, for $180 you’re welcome to take advantage of the special $120+ savings on CC’s unique-in-America 2012 Holiday Run Series of 12 Holiday Run Events, running from this Sunday’s New Year’s Day – Hopeful 5k through all the beautiful Minnesota seasons of running to the next Christmas Day – Joyful 5k a year away. What a great way to be “Running through the Holidays” all year long!

Invite family/friends to join you in “Running through the 2012 Holiday” because “these are the days we’ll remember” all the more warmly because we ran and walked together.

And/or get on track at the 7th Annual New Year’s Challenge Resolutions Indoor Track Event at Bethel U offering a variety of races for athletes of all abilities and all ages, starting at 9 AM, Sunday, Jan 8. What fun starting out the New Year so actively and happily!

Merry Christmastime and an active Happy New Year!

Monday, December 26, 2011

New Year's Day - Hopeful 5k Invitation & More!

You’re invited to the 3rd Annual New Year’s Day - Hopeful 5k experience this Sunday, January 1, at Como Lake in St Paul, MN, 10 AM start time. This is the 1st of 12 Holiday Run Events produced by Charities Challenge in 2012 promoting and supporting RxExercise to improve health and fitness, and even happy-active relationships, especially on the Holidays.

You and your family & friends may pre-register online or by mail via

Pre-registration is $25 through the end of today, Monday, Dec 26; $30 Dec 27 – 30; and $40 race day is $40. Pre-register early and save!

Or go all the way in 2012 by pre-registering for CC’s Unique 2012 Holiday Run Series of 12 Run/Walk Events. Save $120+ from the cost of 12 individual entry fees. Learn more about the “2012 Running through the Holidays” Special Offer at

NOTE: This special reduced fees offer ends this Friday, December 30 and is Limited to the first 50 registrants.

We’re starting 2012 by “Celebrating Hope & Resolutions Success”!

Sunday’s Race Day Check-in for pre-registered, and race day registration, opens at 9 AM at the Como Lake’s beautiful lakeside promenade.

Enjoy starting the New Year with a healthful 5k and...

1. Colorful long sleeve commemorative Hopeful 5k shirt

2. Happy holiday motivating music & shout-out from announcer

3. Healthful tasty treats and a variety of hot beverages

4. Unique free-to-copy photos record and online slideshow

5. A warm welcome & services of CCREW Volunteers

For more inspiring “New Years Day - Hopeful 5k” Event information, printable mail-in entry form, online registration option, fun online slideshows of past Holiday Run Events, and even a “History of New Years Day”, go to

More CC Race Event Workers (CCREW) volunteers are welcome to join us in delivering another memorable Holiday Run Event. Actively serving and cheering thousands of others in CC Events as they fulfill their own RxExercise is another very rewarding hopeful resolution for 2012.

RSVP if you want to join our CCREW and earn CCREWARDS. What a truly hopeful gift you’ll be giving to so many others when volunteering as CCREW! Learn more about CCREW and its REWARDS at

Imagine! In 2011 several CCREW volunteer leaders earned expenses paid travel and memorable experiences to the Disney World Marathon in Florida, the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon in Virginia, and the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C.

CC is eager to send more CCREW volunteers and others to Great Ambassador Destination Events in 2012 training and traveling as RxExercise Ambassadors!

Join our CCREW volunteers and RxExercise Ambassadors and earn your place on at CC Traveling Team of RxExercise Ambassadors.

Visit our RxExercise Ambassadors Train ‘n’ Travel online page to find an inspiring goal event to which CC wants to send you as part of our CCREWARDS Program. Contact me, Coach Gary, by e-mail or phone to explore the opportunities to be inspired to reach for, and achieve, great goals via our RxExercise Ambassador & CCREW Volunteer Programs for 2012.

After racing our New Year’s Day 5k and our CCREW clean up the venue, please consider joining our CCREW volunteers at our CC post-race brunch at Ol’ Mexico Restaurant in Roseville (brunch is a CCREWARD for event management volunteers). We will celebrate together our successful events management work throughout 2011, and cheer one another in our own hopeful resolutions for 2012.

We’ll also be talking about how we each may be successful as RxExercise Ambassadors and earn a CC Team travel-expenses-paid place to Great Ambassador Destinations in 2012 to places like Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Virginia, Washington D.C. and beyond.

Training and later traveling together as RxExercise Ambassadors makes for an especially motivating happy-hopeful 2012 resolution.

Join a CC RxExercise Ambassador Team today and travel tomorrow!

Happy New Year and Healthful-Hopeful Resolutions to all!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Day - Joyful 5k Invitation

You're invited to run, walk and/or volunteer at Charities Challenge’s last of 2011 and first of 2012 unique Holiday Run Events, both at Como Lake in St Paul, on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

This Sunday is the 6th Annual Christmas Day – Joyful 5k Experience at Como Lake in St Paul, MN. Start time 10 AM.

Next Sunday is the 3rd Annual New Years Day – Hopeful 5k Experience at Como Lake in St Paul, MN. Start time 10 AM.

The final-for-2011 CC Holiday Run Event’s theme is “A Celebration of Joy … Miracle Miles”, and is “The Biggest Christmas Day 5k in the USA”.

Throughout 2011 at CC’s RxExercise Events we celebrated the Power of RxExercise to improve the health and lives, and even relationships of thousands, especially improving the lives of so many of us who live well beyond our health challenges due to chronic diseases like arthritis, cancer, depression, diabetes, or accidental serious injuries.

Christmas Day is a day to celebrate all those “Miracle Miles” so many of us have walked and run together in 2011, and to encourage our loved ones to join us by coming alongside us on Christmas morning for a fun walk/run.

Give the gift of sharing some miles of smiles with family & friends, those who will be oh-so happier-healthier for their RxExercise and thereby even enjoy improved relationships in 2012.

If you're among the nearly 300 already pre-registered, Thank You! Perhaps you'll want to forward this invitation to more of your family & friends to join you, too.

Early Day-Before Check-In and in person Pre-registration option:

Check in the day before the race reduces the check-in lines on race day.

Early Check-In & Shirt and bib # pick-up is Saturday, Dec 24 from 10 AM to 3 PM at Black Bear Crossings Cafe inside the lakeside pavilion on Como Lake.

Sunday’s Race Day Check-in for pre-registered, and race day registration, opens at 9 AM at the beautiful lakeside pavilion on Como Lake, and then enjoy:

  1. 1. Long-sleeve commemorative shirt
  2. 2. Happy holiday motivating music and a shout-out from professional events announcer Gaylen Morse
  3. 3. Healthful tasty treats and a variety of hot beverages
  4. 4. Unique free-to-copy photos record and online slideshow
  5. 5. Miles of Smiles shared by families & friends Holiday Run

For more inspiring “Christmas Day – Joyful 5k” registration information, recent press release, printable colorful CD5k poster, online photos slideshows of past events, and even a great “History of Christmas”, go to

Any tax-deductible contributions added to your entry fee or sent separately will continue serving others’ RxExercise needs by supporting Charities Challenge year ‘round RxExercise Mission, Programs, Partnerships, Services and Events.

The Christmas Holiday Run Event has become for many of us a particularly fun, meaningful, and memorable Christmas Day’s Families & Friends Tradition of RxExercise, because “Brighter, Lighter Days & Miles of Smiles Come with Sharing Our RxExercise Every Day”.

We CC Race Event Worker (CCREW) volunteers look forward to seeing you at Como Lake on Christmas morning where together we’ll enjoy an active “Miracles Miles” morning.

More CCREW are always welcome to join us in delivering another Holiday Event this Sunday. RSVP if you want to join our rewarding experience as a CCREW volunteer. What a great active gift of volunteering you’ll be giving to so many others as a CCREW member!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Challenge Depression Indoor Track Races Report & Photos Slideshow

Thanks to all who were an active part of Charities Challenge's 7th Annual Challenge Depression Indoor Track Races – Taking Strong Steps to Defeat Depression Event, at Bethel University’s Sports & Recreation Center.

The same day as you race a CC Event timed/scored by our official timer, Josh Gerber, you may review race results at his web site

Enjoy photo memories of the racing and some Challenge Depression theme music while viewing the photos now available at

When you open the above web page, click first on the upper right title of the “12.4.11 Challenge Depression Indoor Track Races” item, then once the music starts playing click on “Slideshow” atop the page. 600 edited, select photos in the show at 1 second per image will take a little more than 10 minutes to view.

You may also slow down the 1 second per image speed by entering a 2 or 3 in “Duration”. Enjoy the photo memories!

You’re welcome to freely copy any photos from “Index” to your photo files, and then add them to your social media like Facebook.

Join Charities Challenge on Facebook while you’re there at FB

Well done to all the athletes, ages 6 to 72, who raced on Sunday. Brilliant! Especially brilliant because together we demonstrated again how athletic competition and camaraderie, on a darkening, cold winter’s day, is the Power of RxExercise to actively “Challenge Depression”.

In addition to our event management professional, Josh Gerber, an additional truly happy “THANKS” to 6 CC Race Event Workers (CCREW) volunteers and three USATF/MN officials who helped produce this CC Indoor Track Event:

USATF Certified Officials:

(Superior) Starter, Dave Daubert, Rick Recker, Gary Westlund

CC Race Event Worker (CCREW) Volunteers:

Jeanne DeMartino - Announcer

Don Soule – Timing Assistant & More

Meredith Soule – Head Registrar

Ken Wendling – Facilities & Equipment Manager

Lynn Schwartz – Food & Beverage Hospitality

Marika Metaitis – Multi-tasker extraordinaire

Kim Fealey – Lap Counter

And, thanks to several athletes who helped when you weren’t racing!

You’re welcome to join our CCREW for any of our 28 Annual CC Events. Just let me know. You’ll also earn a variety of CCREW Rewards for being so actively supportive of others’ RxExercise experiences. Learn more about CC’s CCREW Program at the CC web site. Go CCREW!

After reviewing the race results, photos slideshow, and your own memories of Sunday on the track, please consider sending to me any highlight experiences you want me and perhaps others to read in my RxExercise blog.

One of my highlights was seeing friends and fellow athletes, Don Wright & Don Dornfeld, both gentlemen athletes who are not stopped by their cancer challenges.

Another of my highlights was a racing friend who stepped up near the end of the morning’s races to report with a smile, “And, today I’m not depressed”. Neither was I depressed on that good-busy Sunday morning with you all seeing so many racing and smiling and laughing! I’m encouraged by others’ stories of how their RxExercise is helping them meet life’s sometimes depressing challenges.

And, we saw the largest field of athletes ever for our Challenge Depression Indoor Track Races, 82 participants, producing 57 New Challenge Depression Records and 33 New All-Time All-Challenge Indoor Events Records!

Oh, there were so many highlights! So, please send me your highlights of especially memorable moments and experiences on the track last Sunday.

Stay active to the end of the year by running CC’s last two events of 2011:

Sunday, Dec 18, for the Challenge Courage Indoor Track Races back at Bethel U

Saturday, December 25, for the 6th Annual Christmas Day – Joyful 5k, the Biggest Christmas Day 5k in the USA!

We’re continuing to challenge wintertime depression and isolation, both our own and others’ wintertime challenges, by taking it on actively and in concert with others. Well done each and all!

Happy Hanukkah and a Merry Christmastime, indoors and out, with fun-fit family & friends!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

CC's Unique Wintertime Indoor Track Challenge Series begins Sunday, Dec 4

Charities Challenge’s unique-in-Minnesota Wintertime Indoor Track Challenge Series begins this Sunday morning, December 4, at Bethel University in Arden Hills. Doors open at 8 AM and the first race starts at 9 AM.

Come in from the cold for a warm reception and hot racing times at CC’s 7th Annual Challenge Depression Indoor Track Races, the 1st of 5 Indoor Track Challenge Events. For more information and registration options go to

Now is your time to "Get & Stay on Track" all winter long with CC’s unique Challenge Series of 5 Indoor Track Events at Bethel U's outstanding indoor track.

So, you’re also invited to be among those “Taking on All Challenges”, all 5 Indoor Events, with just one entry fee, and save $25 on the Indoor Track Series that will keep you training and racing faster through a Minnesota winter.

That’s 5 Indoor Track “Taking on All Challenges” Events for just $85 total! This reduced entry fees offer is limited to the first 50 registrants for the winter-long series and closes at Midnight on Thursday, Dec 1. (26 openings remain as of 4 AM today.)

To take advantage of this special reduced rate for “Taking on All Challenges” go to

There will be challenging athletic competitions and fast-fun for athletes of all ages and athletic abilities.

There will be a variety of sprints, mid-distance, and distance events, 60m to 5000m, and a separate judged 1500m race walk. Enter each or all events for one low entry fee.

Perhaps you can set a racing record at this year’s Challenge Depression races, and even take a shot at setting an All-Time record for the Event, or even a record for the entire All-Time All-Indoor Challenge Events Series.

Professional Fully Automated Timing (F.A.T. ) will again be provided by Josh Gerber of and CC Race Event Worker (CCREW) volunteers will be serving athletes from ages 5 to 75. Join our CCREW volunteers anytime you’re not racing to be more motivated and CC-REWARDED.

Volunteering as a CCREW Member in active support of others’ athletic pursuits, especially when we may happen to be injured or unable to race, is a superior therapy for battling depression and wintertime blues. So, please RSVP with me, Coach Gary, when you’re ready to CCREW; and, you’ll be CC-REWARDED.


What’s that about RxExercise vs. Depression?

Reaching for worthy goals for which one must train diligently is highly related to beating depression and avoiding wintertime blues. Go for a record of your own!

Each CC Challenge Event highlights the Power of RxExercise (exercise as medicine) in improving the quality of life for many of us challenged with any of a variety of chronic health challenges, challenges like arthritis, cancer, diabetes or depression.

CC’s Challenge Depression – Celebrating Happiness Event is a day to especially celebrate the power of RxExercise to brighten and lighten many of our lives challenged by mild-to-moderate depression. The occasion for happy social interactions is also a highlight of CC’s wintertime warm-welcoming indoor track events.

Come cheer on one another in our training and racing to better mental health and improved relationship through appropriate RxExercise Sunday morning at Bethel U. Now, that’s the way to actively lift one another’s spirits during the Holiday Season!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 ThanksGiving Day - GivingThanks 5k Review

Thanks to everyone who played an active part in Charities Challenge's 6th Annual ThanksGiving Day - GivingThanks 5k - Attitude of Gratitude Celebration, last Thursday at Como Lake in St Paul.

When measured against the big world of road racing events, many of which seek to grow in numbers into sometimes very big crowds, CC Events are intended to be boutique events with an upper limit of participation that keeps our events safe, more pleasant for everyone, allowing for more personally satisfying experiences shared by family & friends many of whom are recognized by name by both fellow athletes and our CC Race Event Worker (CCREW) volunteers.

Nonetheless, the 2011 ThanksGiving Day 5k saw a CC record number of participants of 900+ walkers & runners, plus guests and volunteers. That's filling our Como Lake "house" on Thanksgiving Day. Well done to all!

Enjoy remembering some of the morning's special experiences as you view the online photos slideshow while hearing again some of the 2011 ThanksGiving Day 5k theme songs

The 974 photos at 1 second per image will take over 20 minutes to view. But, I hope you find the music inspiring along with the images of so many sharing their walk/run with loved ones.

You’re welcome to freely copy any photos from the gallery “index”, add the photos to your digital photo files, and even send the photo(s) to family and friends via e-mail. And, like so many others, post your favorite photo(s) to your Facebook page.

When you view the photos slideshow you’ll see “Miles of Smiles” evidencing the Power of RxExercise (exercise as medicine) to cheer each of us during even these darkening days of fall into winter, and how sharing a run/walk even improves our relationships with loved ones who walk and run by our sides.

Thanks to 25 CC Race Event Worker (CCREW) volunteers who helped produce last Thursday’s Holiday Run Event. Others are welcome to join our happy CCREW for any of our 28 Annual CC Events. CC volunteers can earn a variety of valuable CCREW Rewards for being so actively supportive of others’ RxExercise experiences. Go CCREW!

Thanks also to each of you who brought non-perishable food items that CC delivered to the Union Gospel Mission of St Paul.

By walking, running and/or volunteering with 900+ others at the ThanksGiving Day – GivingThanks 5k, you made an immediate difference in your own healthier-happier life, as well as so many others’ lives, by “Sharing the RxExercise Challenge” with families & friends. Walk and run with a year ‘round “Attitude of Gratitude”, and be ready to come back next year happier-healthier, faster and fitter than ever.

Before the New Year, you’re oh-so welcome to come back to Como Lake for the 6th Annual Christmas Day – Joyful 5k, a 2011 Fun Family & Friends Fun Run Grand Finale of our 2011 CC Holiday Run Series

And, to get through this winter’s icy challenges there’s another opportunity to improve your racing speed by joining in on CC’s Indoor Track Challenge Series starting this Sunday at Bethel University’s indoor track facility. Join us there to “stay on track” with your training and racing for faster “funner” times

You’re also invited to keep up with Charities Challenge RxExercise News, Events and inspiring stories by adding Charities Challenge to your Facebook “Friends”

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Run, walk and/or volunteer at Charities Challenge’s 3rd Annual “Halloween Fearless 5k – Chase Away Fears” Event @ Como Lake, St Paul

You’re invited to run, walk and/or volunteer at Charities Challenge’s 3rd Annual “Halloween Fearless 5k – Chase Away Fears” Event at Como Lake, St Paul, this Saturday, October 29, starting at 9 AM. For more information, online and printable mail-in entry registration form, go to

Pre-register online or by mail for lowest entry fee $25! Race day registration is $35, and registration check-in opens at 8 AM Saturday.

The professionally timed 5k on a lakeside USATF certified course and the simultaneous 1.5 Mile Family & Friends Fun Walk will start at 9 AM. Kids Challenge ¼ & ½ Mile race will start about 10:15 AM. The events will start/finish near the lovely lakeside pavilion.

The forecast is for sunny, 41-51 F. We'll party lakeside on sunny Saturday morning, celebrating the Power of RxExercise to improve lives and even reduce fears and anxiety. Registration includes:
A) “Halloween Fearless 5k” party atmosphere including lots of participants in costume
B) Classy commemorative designer Halloween Fearless 5k long sleeve shirt
C) Race results according to complete USATF divisions
D) Halloween Motivational Music & Announcer to give you a “Shout Out”
E) Enthusiastic CC Race Event Workers (CCREW) volunteers. NOTE: Whenever you may not be racing, please join our Rewarding CCREW anytime, too; RSVP with me by e-mail or phone to join our CCREW
F) Photography and unique post-race online “Miles of Smiles” slideshow
G) Healthful hot & cold refreshments & Halloween Treats
H) Convenient, free parking & indoor heated restrooms

Chase Away Fears! Yes, RxExercise has been shown to even improve the management of fearful depression and anxiety.

Only 4% of Americans ever run & less than 2% ever run/walk a road race! Non-exercisers fear exercise & fear that their efforts to improve their health/fitness will be a waste of time.

Actively demonstrate your friendly fearlessness as an active runner/walker by sharing your run/walk with others who may have been fearful of RxExercise and entering a 5k road race.

RxExercise has been discovered to be the “magic pill” for reducing a variety of fearsome health risks including arthritis, cancer, depression, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and more.

So, come together Saturday morning where we’re all making a difference by helping people to live well today and every day by actively supporting Charities Challenge ongoing RxExercise Programs and CC’s Special Holiday Run Events like Saturday’s Halloween Fearless 5k.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Challenge Aging 5k Race Results, Online Slideshow & Story

Thanks to all who were an active, supportive part of Charities Challenge's 5th Annual Challenge Aging 5k where we enjoyed “Celebrating Strength & Successful Aging” at Como Lake.

This was the last of CC’s perennial 7 Life Challenge 5k Events Series for 2011 where we “Take the RxExercise Challenge” together with families and friends to better meet life’s challenges, even challenges like advancing aging.

Race results & photos slideshow with music is available now via the Challenge Aging 5k page

Congratulations to so many winners, winners in so many ways, in many age group divisions!

Imagine! Of a field ranging in ages 23 to 86, nearly 20% of the field were athletes over age 60.

Because our pro-timer, Josh Gerber of offered "age-graded" race results in addition to traditional race results, we were able to recognize any racers, regardless of age, as "Real Bread Winners" because of their high "age graded" performances.

Check out those age-graded race results and

special stories, like a few of the following: Larry Cerling, M61, had the highest age graded score, a "National Level" performance.

Brenda Becker, F72, running her first-ever road race and on two Total Hips Replacement, had the 3rd highest age-graded score among all the women.

Brenda is now the fastest woman in Minnesota after 2xTHA!

And, between volunteering in support of everyone else before and after her own 5k walk, Mary Pat Flynn, F86, turned in a 5k time equal to her last four Challenge Aging 5ks. Mary Pat is not slowing down even at age 86!

Enjoy remembering some of the morning's special experiences as you view the online photos slideshow while hearing again 2011 Challenge Aging 5k theme songs. Notice in the slideshow “Miles of Smiles” because RxExercise does improve mental health especially in the face of life’s major challenges like superannuation (yes, it’s a real word and too often a real challenge.)

After you open the Challenge Aging 5k in the upper right corner of the Life Challenge 5ks gallery, be sure to turn up your sound as you click on “Slideshow” at the top of the page.

The online musical slideshow of 312 images can be completed in about 5 minutes if you want to enjoy all the photos. At the top of the slideshow page you may change the “Duration” of each slide to 1 second to go faster or 3 seconds to slow down the slideshow.

You’re also welcome to go to the slideshow “index” in order to find any personally special photos that you can copy to your Facebook page, thereby sharing your joy of RxExercise with others whom you may want to encourage toward happy RxExercise. Perhaps with your encouragement you may even bring family/friends with you to our big CC Holiday Run 5k events from this fall through to next spring

Add Charities Challenge to your Facebook friends, too, and get more CC Events & RxExercise News via Charities Challenge at Facebook.

Please send back any special e-note stories about how walking/running/volunteering at the Challenge Aging 5k may have especially brightened-lightened your day and/or someone you love.

Thanks again to all the CC Race Event Workers (CCREW) volunteers who helped deliver a happy Challenge Aging 5k:

Jeanne DeMartino, Meredith Soul, Ken Wendling, Kent Spellman, Kim Fealy, Mary Pat Flynn, Amy Kohout, and lots of fun-fit friends from Minnehaha Marathoners Run Club.

Thanks again to pro-announcer extraordinaire and special friend to Charities Challenge, Gaylen Morse, of Morsound for all his kind and motivating shout-outs to all our participants!

And, Sponsor-Thanks to Tom & Sally of Great Harvest Bread Co. of Minneapolis for their generous support to CC's "Real Bread Winners" as well as race rolls for post-race refueling.

All CC Events participants are welcome to join our happy CCREW for any of our 27 Annual CC Events. Just let me know. You’ll also earn a variety of CCREW Rewards, like complimentary race entries and more, for being so actively supportive of others’ RxExercise experiences. Go CCREW!

Please join us for the next CC Event…The 3rd Annual Halloween Fearless 5k back at Como Lake on Saturday, Oct29 where together we’ll actively, happily “Celebrate Courage & Chase Away Fears".

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Run or Walk 5th Annual Challenge Aging 5k @ Como Lake, St Paul, MN

Walk, run or actively volunteer for the 5th Annual Challenge Aging 5k Event, this Saturday, September 24, at Como Lake, St Paul, MN, 9 AM Start.

Fabulous fall forecast for colorful autumnal Como Lake: Sunny

, 46-67 F. and “Miles of Smiles”!

For more information including online registration option go to

We'll Party in the Park on Saturday morning with amazing athletes of all ages leading the way into advancing ages!

We'll celebrate:

1. A unique “Celebrating Strength & Successful Aging” Theme.

2. The inspiration of running and walking with truly remarkable and inspiring “Well-Aged Athletes” demonstrating The Power of RxExercise to improve lives throughout all our years.

3. Unique Bib Numbers Assignment: Bib #s will be going in inverse order of pre-registered athletes’ ages. (So far, #1 will be worn by a woman age 86!)

4. Earning a one-of-a-kind-in-America road racing “Challenge Aging 5k” designer commemorative t-shirt.

5. Enjoy the cheerful welcome and expert support of CC Race Event Workers (CCREW) volunteers, healthful tasty treats.

6. Recognition by Pro-race announcer Gaylen Morse & Ageless Motivational Music.

7. Fabulous photographic record and online CC Photos slide show of your racing the event. See last year’s event photos via the CC site.

8. Awards and recognition for many race division winners.

9. Great Harvest fresh bread loaves for division "Real Bread Winners".

10. More memorable “Miles of Smiles”!

Why “Challenge Aging”?

The BAD NEWS: Because advancing age beyond age 35 is highly related to increasing adverse risks to health and happiness of “Usual Aging”.

“Usual Aging”, according to gerontologists, involves a variety of serious challenges to health and happiness and even good relationships.

“Usual Aging” is how most people age...badly and sadly.

The GOOD NEWS: Alternatively, we each can choose to actively pursue what gerontologists call “Successful Aging”.

There are a variety of personal habits that contribute to successful aging. But, one habit is paramount: Exercise.

Strength through exercise is the major variable in “Successful Aging”.

Note: “Real Aging” for physically fit & athletic individuals after age 40 is slowed to ¼ the rate of “Usual Aging” effects in sedentary individuals.

Active athletes are really younger than their chronological years and tend to be happier-healthier than sedentary individuals.

Exercise is a big part of why, for example, my own “Real Age” is 52, eight years younger than my chronological age of 60.

How would you like to be ten, or twenty, years younger than your advancing chronological age?

You’re welcome to visit CC’s Challenge Aging 5k page to find links to online programs that allow you to estimate your real age, and then come Saturday to celebrate your youthfulness through your RxExercise.