Monday, December 19, 2016

Enjoy reading below an inspiring poem promoting good reasons to "Be fit -- be fit"!
And, why Charities Challenge has RxExercise - Exercise as Medicine - as its mission.
A Preface - From "Land and Sea Tales"(1919-23), by Rudyard Kipling
To all to whom this little book may come--
   Health for yourselves and those you hold most dear!
Content abroad, and happiness at home,
   And--one grand Secret in your private ear: --
   Nations have passed away and left no traces,
And History gives the naked cause of it--
   One single, simple reason in all cases;
They fell because their peoples were not fit.

Now, though your Body be mis-shapen, blind,
  Lame, feverish, lacking substance, power or skill,
Certain it is that men can school the Mind
  To school the sickliest Body, to her will--
  As many have done, whose glory blazes still
Like mighty flames in meanest lanterns lit:
  Wherefore, we pray the crippled, weak and ill--
Be fit--be fit! In mind at first be fit!

And, though your Spirit seem uncouth or small,
  Stubborn as clay or shifting as the sand,
Strengthen the Body, and the Body shall
  Strengthen the Spirit till she take command;
  As a bold rider brings his horse in hand
At the tall fence, with voice and heel and bit,
  And leaps while all the field are at a stand.
Be fit--be fit! In body next be fit!

     Nothing on earth--no Arts, no Gifts, no Graces--
       No Fame, no Wealth--outweighs the wont of it.
     This is the Law which every law embraces--
       Be fit--be fit! In mind and body be fit!

The even heart that seldom slurs its beat-- 
  The cool head weighing what that heart desires--
The measuring eye that guides the hands and feet--
  The Soul unbroken when the Body tires--
  These are the things our weary world requires 
Far more than superfluities of wit;
  Wherefore we pray you, sons of generous sires,
Be fit--be fit! For Honour's sake be fit.

     There is one lesson at all Times and Places--
       One changeless Truth on all things changing writ,
     For boys and girls, men, women, nations, races--

       Be fit -- be fit! And once again, be fit!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Challenge Addiction 5k - Saturday, Aug 13, 8:30 AM @ Bunker Hills Regional Park, Andover, MN

You’re invited to run, walk and/or volunteer at Charities Challenge’s 6th Annual Challenge Addiction 5k Event at Bunker Hills Regional Park in Andover, MN, Saturday, August 13, starting at 8:30 AM. For more information including online registration option go to Pre-register today!

Registration includes:
A) “Celebrating Active Recovery” happy atmosphere
B) Commemorative “Celebrating Active Recovery” shirt
C) Race results according to complete USATF divisions
D) Special guests from MN Recovery Programs
E) Compete for Challenge Addiction 5k Records
F) Motivational Challenge Addiction theme music
G) Enthusiastic CC Race Event Workers (CCREW) volunteers. NOTE: Please join our Rewarding CCREW volunteers whenever you may not be racing. RSVP by e-mail or phone 612-245-9160 to join our happy CCREW.
H) Complimentary photography and unique post-race online “Miles of Smiles” slideshow
I) Healthful, tasty refreshments
J) Convenient, free parking next to start/finish line and park's Activities Center
K) Indoor Bunker Hills Park's Activities Center registration and post-race refreshments party with big-screen slideshow/music.
L) Stay after race at park to continue your own family/friends picnic in lovely Activities Center gardens.

Because of their commitment to their own RxExercise regimen many enjoy happier, stronger long term addiction recovery to a better quality of daily life. Addiction-Challenged Honored Athletes will inspire each of us to maintain our own stronger hearts and minds with our own RxExercise.

Please refer to CC and the Challenge Addiction 5k Event anyone you know whom we may celebrate as they continue their successful recovery beyond addiction challenges.

Come meet and cheer and encourage each of our Addiction-Challenged Honored Athletes, and everyone who is racing to fill their exercise prescription. Brilliant!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Challenge Happiness 5k - The Only Happiness Road Race in America - Saturday, April 23, Bunker Hills Regional Park, Andover, MN

The Only Happiness Road Race in the USA experience is in Bunker Hills Regional Park in Andover, MN, next Saturday, April 23!

5k Event Records, Photos & more very happy and helpful info here Pre-register now!

You're invited to run, walk or volunteer at Charities Challenge 5th Annual Challenge Happiness 5k experience at Bunker Hills Regional Park in Andover, MN Saturday April 23, 9 AM start.
The event theme is: “Actively Pursuing Happiness”.

Enjoy all the following added values:
1. Commemorative Challenge Happiness 5k shirt.
2. Happy music announcer to give you a motivating shout-out.
3. Timing/scoring/records.

4. Fabulous online photos slideshow with free digital photos for you & Facebook. (Join Charities Challenge at Facebook, too!)
5. Indoor reception & post-race gathering in Activity Center; free and convenient parking.
6. Healthful tasty treats.
7. Happy CC Race Event Workers (CCREW) volunteers.
8. Motivating memories shared with family/friends of how you improved your own and others’ happiness, health & wellness by happily going the distance together.
9 AM Start - Race day registration & check-in opens at 8 AM.

Learn more about how "Happiness is a Serious Challenge" and how to "Train & Race for Happiness" at the event page, for yourself and your family & friends

Recognition: Complete 5k results by USATF Youth, Open, Masters (5-year age groups > age 40-80+)

Added values: Happy commemorative race shirt, CC hospitality, announcer, photos slideshow, motivational music & healthful tasty treats for all event participants.

This is the 1st in CC’s 2016 Life Challenge Series of 8x 5k Events highlighting RxExercise relative to life health challenges.

Learn more about the entire 8x 5k Life Challenge Series and more about “RxExercise and Happiness” at or call 612-245-9160.

Defeat Depression & Anger with RxExercise. RxExercise is effective in improving mild-to-moderate depression challenges, and even changing anger into joy!

Consult a physician for medical advice regarding depression, including when you choose to add/increase exercise, and especially if you choose to eliminate exercise from your life.