Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 ThanksGiving Day - GivingThanks 5k Review

Thanks to everyone who played an active part in Charities Challenge's 6th Annual ThanksGiving Day - GivingThanks 5k - Attitude of Gratitude Celebration, last Thursday at Como Lake in St Paul.

When measured against the big world of road racing events, many of which seek to grow in numbers into sometimes very big crowds, CC Events are intended to be boutique events with an upper limit of participation that keeps our events safe, more pleasant for everyone, allowing for more personally satisfying experiences shared by family & friends many of whom are recognized by name by both fellow athletes and our CC Race Event Worker (CCREW) volunteers.

Nonetheless, the 2011 ThanksGiving Day 5k saw a CC record number of participants of 900+ walkers & runners, plus guests and volunteers. That's filling our Como Lake "house" on Thanksgiving Day. Well done to all!

Enjoy remembering some of the morning's special experiences as you view the online photos slideshow while hearing again some of the 2011 ThanksGiving Day 5k theme songs

The 974 photos at 1 second per image will take over 20 minutes to view. But, I hope you find the music inspiring along with the images of so many sharing their walk/run with loved ones.

You’re welcome to freely copy any photos from the gallery “index”, add the photos to your digital photo files, and even send the photo(s) to family and friends via e-mail. And, like so many others, post your favorite photo(s) to your Facebook page.

When you view the photos slideshow you’ll see “Miles of Smiles” evidencing the Power of RxExercise (exercise as medicine) to cheer each of us during even these darkening days of fall into winter, and how sharing a run/walk even improves our relationships with loved ones who walk and run by our sides.

Thanks to 25 CC Race Event Worker (CCREW) volunteers who helped produce last Thursday’s Holiday Run Event. Others are welcome to join our happy CCREW for any of our 28 Annual CC Events. CC volunteers can earn a variety of valuable CCREW Rewards for being so actively supportive of others’ RxExercise experiences. Go CCREW!

Thanks also to each of you who brought non-perishable food items that CC delivered to the Union Gospel Mission of St Paul.

By walking, running and/or volunteering with 900+ others at the ThanksGiving Day – GivingThanks 5k, you made an immediate difference in your own healthier-happier life, as well as so many others’ lives, by “Sharing the RxExercise Challenge” with families & friends. Walk and run with a year ‘round “Attitude of Gratitude”, and be ready to come back next year happier-healthier, faster and fitter than ever.

Before the New Year, you’re oh-so welcome to come back to Como Lake for the 6th Annual Christmas Day – Joyful 5k, a 2011 Fun Family & Friends Fun Run Grand Finale of our 2011 CC Holiday Run Series

And, to get through this winter’s icy challenges there’s another opportunity to improve your racing speed by joining in on CC’s Indoor Track Challenge Series starting this Sunday at Bethel University’s indoor track facility. Join us there to “stay on track” with your training and racing for faster “funner” times

You’re also invited to keep up with Charities Challenge RxExercise News, Events and inspiring stories by adding Charities Challenge to your Facebook “Friends”