Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Challenge Happiness 5k - The Only Happiness Road Race in America - Saturday, April 23, Bunker Hills Regional Park, Andover, MN

The Only Happiness Road Race in the USA experience is in Bunker Hills Regional Park in Andover, MN, next Saturday, April 23!

5k Event Records, Photos & more very happy and helpful info here http://www.charitieschallenge.org/html/challenge_happiness_5k.html Pre-register now!

You're invited to run, walk or volunteer at Charities Challenge 5th Annual Challenge Happiness 5k experience at Bunker Hills Regional Park in Andover, MN Saturday April 23, 9 AM start.
The event theme is: “Actively Pursuing Happiness”.

Enjoy all the following added values:
1. Commemorative Challenge Happiness 5k shirt.
2. Happy music announcer to give you a motivating shout-out.
3. Timing/scoring/records.

4. Fabulous online photos slideshow with free digital photos for you & Facebook. (Join Charities Challenge at Facebook, too!)
5. Indoor reception & post-race gathering in Activity Center; free and convenient parking.
6. Healthful tasty treats.
7. Happy CC Race Event Workers (CCREW) volunteers.
8. Motivating memories shared with family/friends of how you improved your own and others’ happiness, health & wellness by happily going the distance together.
9 AM Start - Race day registration & check-in opens at 8 AM.

Learn more about how "Happiness is a Serious Challenge" and how to "Train & Race for Happiness" at the event page, for yourself and your family & friends

Recognition: Complete 5k results by USATF Youth, Open, Masters (5-year age groups > age 40-80+)

Added values: Happy commemorative race shirt, CC hospitality, announcer, photos slideshow, motivational music & healthful tasty treats for all event participants.

This is the 1st in CC’s 2016 Life Challenge Series of 8x 5k Events highlighting RxExercise relative to life health challenges.

Learn more about the entire 8x 5k Life Challenge Series and more about “RxExercise and Happiness” at www.CharitiesChallenge.org or call 612-245-9160.

Defeat Depression & Anger with RxExercise. RxExercise is effective in improving mild-to-moderate depression challenges, and even changing anger into joy!

Consult a physician for medical advice regarding depression, including when you choose to add/increase exercise, and especially if you choose to eliminate exercise from your life.