Thursday, April 11, 2013

Invitation to 8th Annual Challenge Obesity 5k at Como Lake, St Paul, MN - Sunday, April 21

The 8th Annual Challenge Obesity 5k Event, next Sunday, April 21, at Como Lake, St Paul, MN, 8:30 AM start, is the 2nd of 8 Life Challenge 5ks at Como Lake this year, and serves as the 2013 Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) Minnesota 5k State Championship!

For more information including online registration opportunity go to

Pre-register by this Sunday, April 14, before the entry fee goes up.

If you want year-long motivation and a great discount on the entire 8x5k Life Challenge Series running April - September, you can find that special offer at the above linked page, too.

Six RRCA MN State 5k Championship awards will go to men and women in four divisions:
Open Division Winners (under age 40)
Masters Winners (ages 40-49)
Grand Masters (ages 50-59)
Senior Grand Masters (ages 60-and up)
These division winners will be proud to display these awards at home or in the office.

You'll also enjoy:
  1. 1. Chip timing and complete USATF divisions for scoring by and USATF certified course
  2. 2. Fabulous free photography, online slideshow & video show
  3. 3. All new optional-to-order personalized printed glossy “Memory Book” of the 8th Annual Challenge Obesity 5k which can also be viewed and shown to friends online
  4. 4. Earning a one-of-a-kind-in-America road race “Challenge Obesity 5k” classy commemorative t-shirt.
  5. 5. The cheerful welcome and expert support of CC Race Event Workers (CCREW) volunteers.
  6. 6. The inspiration of running and walking with truly remarkable “Challenged Honored Athletes” demonstrating The Power of RxExercise to improve lives.
  7. 7. Springtime motivational music and announcer’s recognition.
  8. 8. Fabulous photos slideshow for you to review online at CC’s Photos Slideshow page, and then even freely copy your photos to your Facebook.
  9. 9. Recognition and reporting of all USATF youth, open and masters age groups divisions.
  10. 10. Healthful post-race treats and a variety of beverages.
  11. 11. Real-time Running & Walking RxExercise Celebrations by many of us who have used RxExercise to meet well our overweight and obesity health challenges. We’ll be cheering lots of happy racers each of whom has lost 20 to over 200lbs!
  12. 12. Motivating memories to last another year until next year’s edition of this One-of-a-Kind Challenge Obesity road race event.

A major theme of the Challenge Obesity 5k Event at Como Lake is, ”I don’t have to be thin to be happy, healthy and fit”.

There will be recognition of all of us who want to be recognized for our healthful weight management. We will together be "Celebrating Effective RxExercise".

Everyone will go home inspired by the increasing numbers of athletes who come to celebrate how their RxExercise is helping them achieve and maintain remarkable weight management goals. Challenge Obesity includes our own “Big Losers” among all the big winners of regular RxExercise.

Find special inspiration from these impressively meaningful Event Statistics based on those pre-registered to date:
  1. A. 30% will be enjoying their first-ever road race
  2. B. 75% are women
  3. C. 25% are walkers
  4. D. 20% have chosen to compete in the optional Athena/Clydesdale weight-classes division
  5. E. 45% have indicated having lost from 20 to >200 pounds
  6. F. 5 individuals have lost over 20 lbs; 8 over 50 lbs; 13 over 100 lbs; and 2 individuals have lost over 200lbs !

While you’re visiting the CC web site, be sure to read the super news about RxExercise, an inspiring article “Obesity Challenges & the Power of Rx Exercise”

Learn super-surprising things about the Power of RxExercise and why ”You don’t have to be thin to be happy, healthy and fit”.

As always, CC welcomes new volunteers to join our CC Race Event Workers (CCREW) where you can delight in both the meaningful intrinsic rewards of helping support so many others' life changing RxExercise, and earn a variety of valuable extrinsic CC Rewards. CCREW volunteers will start set up at Como Lake at 6:30 AM. Please RSVP if you, too, would like to join our CCREW!

Invitation to 2nd Annual Challenge Happiness 5k - The Only Happiness Road Race in America - Sunday, April 14, Como Lake, St Paul, MN

Online Entry, 5k Event Records/Photos & more very happy and helpful info here Pre-register now!

The Only Happiness Road Race in the USA! Pre-registration closes Midnight CDT Friday, April 12

9 AM Start - Race day registration & check-in opens at 8 AM.

Learn more about how "Happiness is a Serious Challenge" and how to "Train & Race for Happiness" at the event page, for yourself and your family & friends.

Professionally timed/scored 5k on USATF certified course around beautiful, blooming Como Lake

Recognition: Complete 5k results by USATF Youth, Open, Masters (5-year age groups > age 40-80+), and Athena-Clydesdale weight class divisions.

Added values: Happy, colorful commemorative race shirt, CC hospitality, announcer, photos slideshow, motivational music & healthful tasty treats for all event participants.

This is the 1st in CC’s 2013 Life Challenge Series of 8 x 5k Events highlighting RxExercise relative to life health challenges.

Learn more about the entire 8 x 5k Life Challenge Series and more about “RxExercise and Happiness” at or call 612-245-9160.

Defeat Depression & Anger with RxExercise. RxExercise is effective in improving mild-to-moderate depression challenges, and even changing anger into joy!

Consult a physician for medical advice regarding depression, including when you choose to add/increase exercise, and especially if you choose to eliminate exercise from your life.