Saturday, November 29, 2008

ThanksGiving Day - GivingThanks 5k 2008 Sets CC Record Participation

The last two days since the ThanksGiving Day - GivingThanks 5k have allowed me time to finish editing and uploading the online TD5k Photos Slideshow along with a lovely theme song from the event. Enjoy this slideshow photographic record of a remarkably happy gathering of walkers and runners in an "Attitude of Gratitude Celebration".

The Holiday Series of CC Celebration Road Race Events has confirmed for me how special the added values are to walking and running to each of us who go, on what may otherwise be a stressful or even sad day for many, and fill our RxExercise, our exercise prescription, with happy families and friends.

What an irreplaceable gift we give to one another when we say, "Come walk by my side", or "Let me share my run on a Holiday with you".