Tuesday, May 13, 2014

2014 Mothers Day 5k - Celebration of Active Generations Happy Report

Read and see here some of the marvelously memorable highlights from Charities Challenge 8th Annual Mothers Day 5k at beautiful Como Lake in St Paul, MN, May 11, 2014.

Find at the above linked event web page:
A. Race Results
B. Creative inspiring 2 min 44 sec video
C. Photos (1190!) slideshow with theme music
D. Highlights (85) photos included in "Miles of Smiles" online show

Highlights moments and scenes from 2014 Mothers Day 5k include:

1. 700 participants made it a full house (as CC limits the size of our events to keep them safer, more enjoyable, and allow for more of us to get to know one another and each others' inspiring stories).

2. 70% of the field were moms. Way to go moms!

3. 25% of the field of runners and walkers were doing their first-ever road race. Welcome to the wonderful world of road racing!

We're all so proud of our moms, grand moms, and great grand moms, that we cheerfully support their active pursuit of better and happier heart health.

Given that heart health is the greatest risk for premature death among women, and knowing that the number one prescription for improving heart health is exercise-as-medicine (RxExercise), Charities Challenge is committed to actively supporting exercise in all moms' busy lives.

Because of their loving commitment to their families, most moms are not getting the time and encouragement to stay strong with their own RxExercise - Exercise as powerful medicine.

Join CC in actively encouraging, supporting, joining, moms in their daily exercise routines.

4. Special acknowledgement to Moms on the Run (MOTR) who were represented at this year's Mothers Day 5k by over 200 of their members including dozens of their caring coaches, led by MOTR founder Karissa Johnson.

5. Thanks to MOTR member and FOX9 anchor Kelcey Carlson who came with a news crew as well as to run the Mothers Day 5k.
Moms, and all of us who support moms' healthful regular exercise, were encouraged by the attention Kelcey and her news team brought to this very special Holiday Run event at Como Lake.

6. What a special welcome back to CC's Mothers Day 5k Forever-Honored-Active-Moms of prior years' events, who have a forever complimentary welcome back for Mothers Day 5ks, including CC's Coach Jeanne DeMartino (generously volunteering as usual) and Olympian Carrie Tollefson and her strong family demonstrating how to share the RxExercise challenge.

7. We saw a proposal for marriage at the finish line by a handsome young man, Shane Schlepp (sp?) to Michelle Bruley, who had just finished running her race. She accepted! What a lovely moment captured in many photos including CC's slideshow.

8. We cheered mom Jill and age 14 son Eric Olson, who she accompanied through the 5k as he is blind, blind as a consequence of nearly dying from his first challenge: cystic fibrosis. "The Power of Love" is so evident in moms' active care for their children, especially when their children are especially challenged. Well done to Jill and courageous Eric!

9. Jason and Samantha Denen celebrated their first wedding anniversary by encouraging each others' RxExercise and joining hands as they crossed the finish line.

10. We were greatly impressed to see a family of four generations of ladies who exemplified the Mothers Day 5k theme: "Celebration of Active Generations".

11. And the kids' 1/4 and 1/2 mile fun run was just that: FUN!

12. Let's all remember that it's moms (and dads), by their happy exercise example and leadership, who are the greatest determinant of whether kids grow up to be happy exercisers throughout life, in order for them to better enjoy life with happier-health-fitness. Go Kids!

How very many more special stories I, and you, could tell here about our experiences at this year's Mothers Day 5k at Como Lake!

Please use the comment section below to add your special memories and stories of active-happy moms and their RxExercise successful leadership to their families.

Go Moms and all who actively and cheerfully support their heart-healthy RxExercise!

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Jill Olson said...

Thank you Gary for putting on such a wonderful event. It was fun to meet and talk with you at packet pick up. A special thank you for the shout out at the finish line. That was so touching and incredibly thoughtful. Alec loved it. He had his best finish time so far at that event. By the way the website reason #8 lists his name as Eric Olson. Should be Alec. Could you please send me info on where to find the poem you recited to me? Thank you again for such a wonderful event. Jill and Alec Olson